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Foundation problems can get very serious if they are not addressed.  When your home experiences foundation settlement, bowing walls, cracks in the walls or floors and ceilings, the symptoms may be barely noticeable at first....  Perhaps a small crack appears in your foundation walls or drywall.  Or a window jams.

Soon, the problems from foundation damage can worsen significantly, and quickly.  Chimneys can begin to tilt, floors can crack, sag and become uneven, and wall cracks can begin to grow in size.  If the foundation problem is ignored, the foundation will eventually erode to the point of partial or complete failure.  And once the foundation cracks get large enough, not only will leaking be an issue, but safety becomes a serious issue too.

Homes with a failing foundation can lead to decreased home value, dangerous situations, and more. It is more cost effective to fix your damaged foundation before you sell.

We can help you with any of the following:

Foundation Repair
Foundation Settling
Cracks in your home or business foundation
Cracks in your Basement Walls
Foundation Damage
Foundation Stabilization
Structural Repair
Basement Repair

Signs Your Home Foundation May Need Repair

Foundation repair is a necessary home improvement project for any homeowner experiencing certain problems. The type of foundation repair needed will be determined by the specific cause of the foundation problems. Here are some of the problems that would indicate that your home foundation needs repair.

Cracked Block Foundation: You may see signs of lateral (sideways) pressure on your basement walls. Stairstep and horizontal cracks in the mortar joints can be a sign of serious movement in the walls.

Cracks in Poured Concrete: This normally occurs during the curing process of concrete, and is a simple repair. However, it may also be a sign of ground settlement when combined with other signs such as windows or doors sticking.

Cracks in Brick Facing: Cracks in the brick facing on the inside or outside of your home can indicate that your foundation has moved. If you notice these cracks, a foundation repair professional should be contacted. Avoid cosmetic repairs of the brick facing prior to determining the cause of cracking.

Chimney Cracking or Leaning: Chimney's are often built on their own foundation footer. Cracking and leaning are signs of movement in this chimney footer, and this should be examined by a foundation professional.

Drywall Cracks: A shifting foundation will cause other damage on the inside of the house. Drywall cracks around door frames and windows are some of the commonest signs.

Sinking Foundation: The separation of the foundation from your house is a sign of serious ground settlement problems. This problem must be corrected quickly.

Uneven Doors or Windows: Gaps between doors and framing are signs of movement in the home. When your foundation has shifted, other areas of the home, such as the doors and windows, will show the effects.

The recommended first step when you notice any of these problems is to have us inspect your home and foundation. Obtaining a professional opinion on the causes, costs and available solutions is a necessary step in securing your foundation walls.

Vertical Foundation Cracks

Vertical cracks in the concrete alone are a sign of a major foundation problem as often as horizontal cracks are.  However, they do present a significant problem when they leak water from the ground into your home's basement or crawlspace.  Vertical foundation cracks are often caused by poor construction practices or by the natural curing and shrinking of the foundation concrete

Fixing Vertical Foundation Cracks

Sometimes, a homeowner will try to fix leaking foundation cracks by using various methods, including:

Sealing the gap with caulk.  When this is done, a white, powdery substance known as efflorescence will build up around the seal, wearing it off.  Soon, the water pressing in will find its way around the seal and cause it to peel off.

Using hydraulic cement to plug a wall crack.  When this rigid plug is used, it cannot withstand the constant swelling and shrinking of the foundation due to temperatures and moisture.  In about two years, the fluctuations will work the plug loose.

Epoxy seals can hold against the fluctuations, but because the problem of foundation water still exists, it can often lead to a new crack nearby.  Additionally can only be applied to a completely dry surface, and , epoxy cement cures very slowly, often running from the other side of the foundation crack before it hardens.

Urethane Seals, are better than the above, due to their flexibility and expandable design, however, because cracks sometimes expand to more than 100% of their size, these seals will also eventually break.

ALL of these methods are only 'quick fixes', akin to a bandage. You need to get to the ROOT of the problem and have it fixed, and only foundation repair experts, like All Dry Basement Solutions, can help.

Horizontal Foundation Cracks

Horizontal wall cracks are very often the sign of a serious problem, and when they go unattended, they can even lead to the eventual complete failure of the walls.  The cracks can be caused by expansive and hydro-compactable soils as well as weak supporting soils.  If your foundation is failing, the leaks may be the least of your problems.

If you see a foundation crack that's wide enough that a dime can fit in the opening, you should definitely Contact Us- a professional foundation contractor, to inspect the damage.  We can recommend the best option for fixing the foundation cracks and potential foundation leak, offering solutions to stop the movement, and return the wall to its original position.

Finding and Monitoring Cracks

It is important for homeowners to find cracks and to monitor them carefully. Cracks can form anywhere, but most often form at the weakest points in foundation walls, including corners, edges of windows, long spans of wall, and other locations. Once you find a crack, it is imperative that you have a professional review and assess the situation immediately.

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